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Fees table

Receive a payment 0%
Send notification to your site 0%
Withdraw earnings 0%
Any other services 0%

Using this service is free, if we change this in future we will post simple fees here.

How ByeBanks works

Everything is based on this simple payment link, where receiver can be any email, phone or bitcoin address, no registration required:

Additional variables can be added to the URL or you can use our link/button generator.

Receive bitcoins

For website owners we have buy buttons that allow webmasters to accept payments on site, it is very easy to get started, the buttons can accept many variables like amount to be paid, url to return to, etc. In background we will send automated notifications so the seller can automatically deliver the products or services when payment is made.

You can also generate a plain text link and send it to anyone in order to request a payment. Payment links are as simple as this:

Send bitcoins

You can send bitcoins to anyone that has an email address, a phone number or a bitcoin address.
We associate it with the given email, phone or btc address, then receiver can come on our site at any time, click claim and withdraw the funds.

Claim / withdraw bitcoins

If you want to claim / withdraw bitcoins, you should click claim in top menu, then enter your main bitcoin address, email or phone number, the system will look for available funds associated with any of these 3 methods.

For now you can withdraw TO your main bitcoin address, in future we might offer cash withdraws like PayPal, depending on user's need.

- For funds where receiver field was a bitcoin address, we send the bitcoins to that address without any verification of owner.

- For funds received by email, the receiver will get a verification link by email, it needs to be clicked in order to withdraw to your main bitcoin address.

- For funds received by phone, the receiver will receive an SMS verification code, confirm that code to withdraw the funds to your main bitcoin address.